A Lifestyle Tailored to Your Life

We live in a world full of brands screaming for attention from customers prioritized through advertisements instead of quality or experience. We see excessive labellings and high price tags accompanying well-established brands, and we find inferior quality or poor design that does not match our existing lifestyle from low-price non-branded products. Tough choice among price, quality, and style, right? Just like the idiom goes: You can't have your cake and eat it.
EPEIOS, a Tokyo-initiated brand, emerged in 2020 with one question: what if we could offer a lifestyle of sense that’s tailored to consumers’ needs yet at reasonable prices? Starting from this question, EPEIOS focuses on the products, the experience, and the aesthetics by leveraging the industry-leading technologies and accumulated knowledge. Everything about EPEIOS, from our smart home appliances, minimalistic logo, and packaging, embodies our underlying philosophy of “Just right”.

At EPEIOS, we consider this as our mission that all products from EPEIOS address the basics and the essence of life while it’s our consumers who add value to them and make them blend in with their own lifestyles.

Details Make Life Enrichment

We believe the more details we take into consideration while developing products and EPEIOS smart home systems, the less you need to worry about. “God is in the details”.

By micro innovation and constant improvements that incorporate new industry-leading technologies and ideas, EPEIOS is to untangle you from side issues, allowing you to regain focus on what counts and truly enjoy life with hearts’ enrichment.

Positive Balance

EPEIOS cares about every aspect of your life and is devoted to creating a positive balance among thoughtful functions, quality design with minimalist aesthetic, and reasonable price. The pursuit of this positive balance lies in the purpose of a more laid-back, more effortless, and healthier lifestyle just for you.

Live Smarter
with More Possibilities

Small home appliance is the very first step of EPEIOS smart home. EPEIOS aims to extend the possibility by connecting them and making them work together to create a remotely controllable network.

Eventually, we hope that EPEIOS smart home provides you security, comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency on your journey of happiness. technologies and ideas, EPEIOS is to untangle you from side issues, allowing you to regain focus on what counts and truly enjoy life with hearts’ enrichment.


Meet our team

”Make a difference"
Covid-19 having changed the way of living, I hope that EPEIOS has positive impacts by being both smarter and better fit in with the new lifestyle.



“God dwells in the details”.
I believe the more details we take into consideration, the less side issues our customers need to worry about.



"Doing things right, and doing the right things"
It is not only my personal working principle, but the underlying philosphiy of everything about EPEIOS.



"Sustainable × personalized"

By these 2 keywords, we're aming for manufacturing in a new era that's tailored to every customer.

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