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Epeios Initiatives

To this goal, Epeius will start working not only as a brand that develops home appliances, but also as a brand that aims to create a new lifestyle with you and realize a sustainable life together.

We are a brand that just started in 2020, and what we can do and the impact on society may still be small. Nevertheless, we want to start by doing small things and take a positive attitude toward the future.

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Package simplification / design

Cardboard and vanity boxes used for packing products. It is very important to improve transportation efficiency, suppress damage during transportation, and deliver the product to us in a clean state, but I think that many households often dispose of it as it is after opening it. increase.
In order to reduce the waste as much as possible and make effective use of limited resources, we have adopted a simple design that minimizes waste in many products, mainly online products. In addition, some products such as sterilization circulator fans have adopted an eco-package design that can be used as a cat house, and we are taking on the challenge of new initiatives such as reducing waste and making the design environmentally friendly.

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